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Educational pool industry resources

At fun88, we believe knowledge is key in this industry. Whether it’s as simple as reading the latest news or learning what a commonly used terms mean, we hope to provide you with all the resources that we can. That is why we have fun88 Edu. This is similar to our knowledge series and aims to keep our employees, as well as our customers, informed and up-to-date on the latest pool-related information and practices.

White Paper Library

Our white papers are here to educate property managers, customers or anybody seeking more knowledge about pools. Each paper addresses relevant issues pool owners face throughout the year. Take advantage of our library’s white papers on topics such as pool preparation and winterization. Check back regularly as we add new white papers on relevant industry topics.


Pool Preparation Guide

This preparation guide includes essential pool opening knowledge on staffing, equipment, communication & announcements to residents, permits & inspections, timeline and more.

Pool Winterization Guide

This winterization guide provides information to help you prevent algae growth in the winter, determine the proper off-season water level, how you can save money on spring opening and more.

Webinar Library: Tips and Tricks

fun88 has provided some in-depth knowledge about all things fun88中文官网. Check out some of our webinars about saving money, preventative maintenance and making your pool energy efficient.

Save money with preventative maintenance

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Tips to ensure a smooth opening day

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Find out how your bad pool chemistry costs you money

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Avoid unexpected repairs with planning and preventative maintenance

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Get the most out of your pool renovation budget

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Maybe your facility green to save green

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Why closing your pool correctly will save you money

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