Pool Compliance

Ensure your facility is compliant with all current regulations.

fun88 contractors and engineers are knowledgeable about all the latest ADA and VGB compliance rules, as well as national, state and regional laws. This means that we are able to help you, as a pool owner, meet the guidelines that are required.

Our friendly staff makes sure that our clients are aware and kept up to date on any changes or additions to these laws. As a pool owner, you can relax in knowing that fun88 is here to make sure that your environment is compliant with all regulations and is safe for all to enjoy.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ensures that employees are safe and healthy in the workplace. OSHA requires chemical handling and bloodborne pathogen training for employees who are handling pool chemicals. The training ensures that employees are prepared and protected from personal injuries in the workplace.  


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and OSHA require commercial swimming pools must have emergency eye wash stations. Not having an eye wash station is one of the top OSHA citations. Injuries can arise when the corrosive pool chemicals come into contact with an employee’s eyes. Having a location to flush out the substances will protect employees from injuries.



The American’s with Disabilities Act requires public pools to be accessible for those with certain disabilities. Newly constructed or renovated swimming pools, wading pools and spas are required to have a specific number of accessible entrances and exits depending on their size. Many pools ensure compliance by installing pool lifts or sloped entries. 

Eye wash


The Virginia Graeme Baker Safety Act requires anti-entrapment devices to be installed and maintained in commercial pools and spas. VGB protects swimmers from becoming trapped by the strong suction of pool drains. and drain cover compliance information from or the .



Automated external defibrillators are required at pools in some parts of the country and can save lives when emergencies occur. We provide an AED rental package where we take care of all AED registration, maintenance, training and more.

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