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Great Lifeguards

What makes a great lifeguard? Usually it’s the training, supervision and communication they receive before they step foot on your pool deck.

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Pool Management & Lifeguard Services

We hire, schedule, pay and manage lifeguard staff for your pool.

To make your pool safe, we provide lifeguard certification training, perform safety audits and provide safety communications throughout the season. In addition, our pool operators will ensure a healthy swimming environment for your pool community.

Our pool management services include:

  • Pre-season preparation
  • Red Cross training
  • Lifeguard matching, scheduling and payroll
  • Layered, in-season supervision
  • Lifeguard safety audit program
  • Pool maintenance services
  • Customer feedback survey program
  • Post-season preparation
  • $37,000,000 liability insurance coverage (the highest in the industry)

Read more about each of our services below or visit to learn about our lifeguard program.

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Powerful Recruiting with Guard for Life

Pool management and lifeguard staffTo find the right employees, a recruiter needs the right tools. Guard for Life helps our staffing managers by providing a lead-generating website, materials, an online social presence and guard-focused programming.

Every year we improve our lifeguard programming so that our pool management service team can hire the best lifeguards in the area. Our goal is to hire lifeguards that are friendly, attentive and trustworthy. This is also our focus throughout our orientation and Red Cross lifeguard training.

Instead of hiring a lifeguard for a summer, we believe in building a community that keeps great lifeguards coming back. That’s why we created Guard for Life. We also reward our lifeguards with a summer-long contest, discounts and performance recognition.

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A Day in the Life

Follow one lifeguard for an average day at the pool as she prepares, surveys and helps community residents.


Lifeguard Training

Pool management and lifeguard services

All lifeguards are interviewed and screened by our full-time professional recruiting and staffing managers. We have earned the esteemed American Red Cross Multi-Jurisdictional Provider Agreement with the American Red Cross. Our pool management staff trains over 2,000 lifeguards a year, making fun88 the #1 provider of ARC lifeguard training in the U.S.

Our training is not limited to Red Cross skills, we also train and focus based on a “Safety First” philosophy. The safety that our pool management service provides is based upon the various American Red Cross courses our guards are trained in, including: CPR, Lifeguarding, First Aid and Certified Pool Operations (CPO).

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Layers of Supervision

Pool management and lifeguard supervision
Pool management service and lifeguard supervision is a lot like a layer cake. We have a company structure that supports our employees in the field and works to better their experience every year.

Top Layer: The lifeguards at your pool. We make sure our lifeguards are trained properly and have the support they need with our experienced pool management services.

Middle Layer: Pool management field staff include our supervisors (oversee several pools), assistant regional managers (oversee a small geographic region) and regional managers (oversee larger county areas). Regional managers are usually your primary point of contact. Together, these positions create a water-tight support system for lifeguards – providing encouragement and addressing any issues quickly and professionally. This layer also includes our maintenance technicians and construction personnel. Basically anyone that is certified to provide safety services, clean or repair your pool.

Bottom Layer: Last but not least, we have our in-office staff. This group takes care of business (literally) and is there to support our people in the field. They take care of hiring, scheduling, customer service and contracts. The president of your location, the staffing director and lead administrator are all included in this group. Additionally, our company’s home office in Maryland adds extra support with accounting, marketing, IT and human resources.

Safety Auditor Program

Pool management safety program

fun88’s safety auditor program helps to ensure that the safety of pool patrons. This program includes periodic, unannounced on-site evaluations to check lifeguards’ skills, remediate issues as needed, create positive public relations and recognize what it means to have a safe pool environment. This is a unique pool management service provided to all customers.

Independent auditors conduct these unannounced on-site evaluations. These auditors will test lifeguards on injury prevention, patron surveillance, rescue skills, breathing/cardiac emergency skills and first aid skills. They also perform certification checks, uniform checks, inspection of safety equipment and general safety checklist of items.

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Connected Online

Lifeguard TrainingOnline Lifeguard Portal
We like to keep our lifeguards happy. One way we do this is by making it easy for our guards to check their schedule. Our lifeguard portal provides web-based scheduling and employee information.

This means that our facilities are always staffed with lifeguards that are on-time and ready for the challenges of the day. With an easy, online scheduling tool that is accessible 24/7, our lifeguards have flexible hours and are able to check their schedule on the go.

Social Media & Online Communications
Today, social media is key to pool management and lifeguard communications. Our Facebook page has over 3,500 likes and is growing everyday. In addition, we have a lead-generating website and an email program for both employment and summer communications.

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Lifeguard Incentives

Pool management means hiring great lifeguards for your pool. We offer incentives, awards and discounts so that great employees want to come back every year.

Contest Prizes

Contest Prizes

The ever-popular Summer to Win contest gives lifeguards the chance to win prizes by meeting certain employee goals and expectations. These include working long weekends, approving shifts online,
arriving to the pool on time or simply working their assigned hours.



Our lifeguards are given a great price on certification training through our employee discount program. Classes include in-house Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid training. Additionally, our online uniform store offers an overall retail discount along with seasonal discount codes to keep our lifeguards looking professional.

Growth Opportunities

Growth Opportunities

Several opportunities for growth exist within pool management. A lifeguard may be promoted to head guard, pool manager, supervisor or even recruiting manager. Many of our top managers and presidents started their careers as lifeguards. That includes our CEO!